Thursday, 10 May 2012

Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd – a specialist in rare earth elements

Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd specializes in mining of Rare Earth Elements, uranium and zinc. Basically,  Rare Earth Elements are of 17 types that include:

  1. Yttrium: It is used in yttrium vanadate as host for europium in TV red phosphor
  1. Lanthanum: It is used camera lenses, hydrogen battery-electrodes, storage, flint
  1. Scandium: It is used additive in Mercury-vapor lamps
  1. Cerium: It is used polishing powder, Chemical oxidizing agent, ferrocerium flints for lighters, yellow colors in glass and ceramics.
  1. Dysprosium : It is used Lasers, Magnets
  1. Neodymium: It is used violet colors in glass and ceramics, lasers, rare-earth magnets.
  1. Praseodymium: It is used colorant in enamels and glasses, welding goggles, rare-earth magnets, lasers.
  1. Samarium: It is used neutron capture, lasers, rare-earth magnets.
  1. Promethium: It is used Nuclear batteries
  1. Dysprosium: It is used lasers, Rare-earth magnets
  1. Gadolinium: It is used X-ray tubes, MRI contrast agent, Rare-earth magnets, lasers.
  1. Ytterbium: It is used chemical reducing agent, Infrared lasers
  1. Erbium: It is used vanadium steel, lasers
  1. Holmium: It is used Lasers,
  1. Europium: It is used Lasers, blue and red phosphors.
  1. Lutetium: It is used high refractive index glass, PET Scan detectors
  1. Thulium: It is used handy X-ray machines

Greenland Rare Earth Metals Company has well established infrastructure that helps in its mining projects. Greenland minerals and energy Ltd is producing uranium and zinc too to fulfill increasing demands of different industries.