Thursday, 10 May 2012

Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd – a specialist in rare earth elements

Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd specializes in mining of Rare Earth Elements, uranium and zinc. Basically,  Rare Earth Elements are of 17 types that include:

  1. Yttrium: It is used in yttrium vanadate as host for europium in TV red phosphor
  1. Lanthanum: It is used camera lenses, hydrogen battery-electrodes, storage, flint
  1. Scandium: It is used additive in Mercury-vapor lamps
  1. Cerium: It is used polishing powder, Chemical oxidizing agent, ferrocerium flints for lighters, yellow colors in glass and ceramics.
  1. Dysprosium : It is used Lasers, Magnets
  1. Neodymium: It is used violet colors in glass and ceramics, lasers, rare-earth magnets.
  1. Praseodymium: It is used colorant in enamels and glasses, welding goggles, rare-earth magnets, lasers.
  1. Samarium: It is used neutron capture, lasers, rare-earth magnets.
  1. Promethium: It is used Nuclear batteries
  1. Dysprosium: It is used lasers, Rare-earth magnets
  1. Gadolinium: It is used X-ray tubes, MRI contrast agent, Rare-earth magnets, lasers.
  1. Ytterbium: It is used chemical reducing agent, Infrared lasers
  1. Erbium: It is used vanadium steel, lasers
  1. Holmium: It is used Lasers,
  1. Europium: It is used Lasers, blue and red phosphors.
  1. Lutetium: It is used high refractive index glass, PET Scan detectors
  1. Thulium: It is used handy X-ray machines

Greenland Rare Earth Metals Company has well established infrastructure that helps in its mining projects. Greenland minerals and energy Ltd is producing uranium and zinc too to fulfill increasing demands of different industries. 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

FEW THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT GME (Greenland Minerals And Energy)

Greenland Minerals and Energy is basically an Australian based company, headquarter is in Subiaco. But in 2007 they have been shifted to Greenland for their Kvanefjeld project. This Company mainly indulges in the assessment, estimation and expansion of rare earth elements and minerals and energy sources presented in Greenland field. They have established huge & expensive plants to explore materials like zinc, uranium and other sort of REE’s. Their Kvanefjeld project is running near the southwest pour of Greenland. 

To run its Kvanefjeld successfully GME have setup an agreement with Westrip Holdings and Rimbal Pty Ltd. But, recently GME have declared that it has finished agreement with both of these company to attain the exceptional 39% of the searching certificate on northen Illimaussaq Complex in Greenland Where the Kvanefjeld project is running. 

GME Kvanefjeld is the first of numerous major deposits to be outlined and is broadly recognized world’s biggest resources for material like uranium, zinc and rare earth elements. The entire project is studied and handled by professional team. 

Now Greenland Minerals and Energy is definitely comes on top position in the list of highly known and most money-making producer of rare earth elements and specialty metals. Plus, they are consistently trying to explore new places for rare earth metals and mining stocks.